About Me

Hey there, my name is Scott Motte, but people just call me Mot.

I am a Senior Software Engineer from LA. I am a full stack developer skilled in API, mobile, and messaging applications. I specialize in Ruby and product engineering.

My career interests are wide-ranging, but the unifying thread is my passion for inventing. I've spent more than 10 years inventing products using code, becoming a sought after product engineer.

You can view my code on GitHub, checkout my resume, or email me at

Community & Talks

I am an active member of the tech community, giving back where I can.

Products & Open Source

I ❤️ to code and spend much of my spare time doing so. As a result, I've built a number of products and contributed a good deal to open source.


I typically write privately in my diary, but occasionally post thoughts here. You can also find some of my technical writings on the SendGrid blog.